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Cnidium Extract

  • Naturalin Code: NAT-056
  • Product Specification: 5%-98% Osthole
  • Latin Name: Cnidium monnieri (L. )Cuss.
  • Test Method: HPLC
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Osthole --- Common Cnidium Fruit Extract
Spec: 10%, 20% 50% Yellow-green Solid; 10% Liquid; 98% White Solid.
Applicable Crops: Vegetables, fruit trees, tea, tobacco, etc.

Physical & chemical properties: Soluble in alkali solution, methanol, ethanol, chloroform, acetone, ethyl acetate and boiling petroleum ether, and is insoluble in water and petroleum ether. 

The mp.83—84~℃, bp.145~150℃.

1. The inhibitory concentration of osthole on common plant pathogenic fungi, such as cucumber powdery mildew and Chinese cabbage downy mildew, was 2l~60ug/ml, especially against Melon powdery mildew. 
2. It also has quick killing effect on lepidoptera larvae, tea mites, diamondback moth, cabbage caterpillar, and larvae, aphids (LD90 is 50~100ug/mL). The control effect on plutella xylostella and pieris rapae is more than 85% within 24 hours at 100~ug/mL. 
3. It can dissolve the villi wrapped on the eggs of noctuid, cause the eggs to fall off, and kill more than 80% of the eggs.

Prevent vegetable pests: For every 667 square meters, 80 ml ~ 120 ml of 0.4% osthole oil with 50 litres to 75 litres of water, the duration is about 7 days, and the crop is safe.
Prevent aphids: 400 times water with 1% osthole liquid, and spray.
Control powdery mildew: 400 to 500 times of water spray with 1% osthole liquid.

Function Mechanism:
1. Insecticidal mechanism: Inhibits the insect acetylcholinesterase, affects the nervous system, causes the non-functional contraction of the insect muscle, and eventually dies.
2. Bactericidal mechanism: By inhibiting the absorption of calcium ions, it affects the growth and spore germination of the bacteria and inhibits chitin deposition of the bacterial cell wall.
3. Night moth egg: Dissolves the villi on the egg of the night moth and reduces the adhesion of the egg granules, leading to a decrease in hatching rate.

· High Efficiency: Spraying 1g of pure osthole for every 667 square meters crops , the protection of pests and diseases can be up to 85% ~ 95%.
· No Residual: No residual is founded on fruit after 3 days spraying.
· Rat acute transoral toxicity LD50 >5000 mg/Kg; rat acute percutaneous toxicity LD50 >5000 mg/Kg, can be used in organic crops.

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