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Organic Maitake Mushroom Extract

  • Naturalin Code: NAT-142
  • Product Specification: 20%~40% Polysaccharides, 10%~30% β-Glucan
  • Latin Name: Grifola Frondosa
  • Test Method: UV-VIS,kit K-YBGL
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Natural Polysaccharide Nutrition
TLC Chromatogram Available

Maitake mushroom is an edible and medicinal mushroom grows in the northern part of the Temperate Zone in the Northern Hemisphere found in Japan, China, Europe and North America. Wild Maitake can be harvested in September and October. It forms large hands, mainly near the roots of big fagaceous trees such as white oak, beech, and tanbark oak. It grows in persimmon, plum, apricot, Prunus ume and oak trees. It invades the core of these trees. It decomposes lignin and leaves the cellulose, which is the cause of so-called white rot.
Maitake Mushroom extract (Grifola frondosa) may best be known for its tumor-fighting properties. People with Type 2 Diabetes may also benefit from maitake mushroom, according to researchers Hiroaki Nanba and Keiko Kubo, authors of "Mushroom biology and mushroom products". Many doctors in Japan use maitake mushroom to lower blood pressure and blood lipids, two key risk factors in cardiovascular disease. Beinfield also recommends maitake mushroom for stomach ailments. Maitake polysaccharide is a effective active ingredient extracted from high quality maitake fruiting body , with fragrant smell and significant efficacy , it can be the adding raw materials of all kinds of health care products, food.

1. Anti-tumor;
2. Anti-hypertension;
3. Glucose decreases;
4. Anti-obesity;
5. Anti-viralhepatitis;
6. Enhancing Immunity;
7. Lowering cholesterolands lowhardening of arteries.

Maitake mushroom powder can be used in food additives; all kinds of health care products; capsule and tablet processing.

Packing & Storage:
Pack in paper-drums and two plastic-bags inside. Net Weight: 25kgs/paper-drum.
1kg-5kgs plastic bag inside with aluminum foil bag outside. Net Weight: 20kgs-25kgs/paper-drum.
Store in a well-closed container away from moisture and light.

Shelf Life:
2 years if sealed and store away from direct sun light.

Natural Ingredients, Healthy Life.

Naturalin is a botanical/plant extracts manufacturer and Natural Ingredient Solutions provider. Naturalin established a modern factory for mushroom processing, certificated by ISO 9001,FSSC 22000, USDA Organic, European Organic, with an area of 25,500 square meters, including 1,650 square meters clean workshop and production capacity of 100 tons of extracts annual. As for mushroom extracts, we produce dried mushrooms, mushroom powders, Mushroom extract, Mushroom granules.  


Please note that we are a wholesale company selling bulk quantities of 5 kg and greater.
We do not sell retail quantities to individuals.


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