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Naturalin Co-growth Of The Enterprise And Employees

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Learning and development are among the top factors in employee engagement. Therefore, Naturalin supports employees to get regular opportunities to learn, develop, and advance. Not only do these programs offer opportunities for staff to improve their skills, but also for employers to enhance employee productivity and improve company culture.

* New Employee Mentoring Programs 

Naturalin allows employees to start as trainees and progress to a higher-level role. Every new employee is matched with a mentor to help employees adapt to their positions and guide them to make career plans.

(Mentor Help Employee Adapt to Their Positions)
* Expert Training
Naturalin hire experts for the purpose of improving the professionalism of our employees and updating industry information in a timely manner.
(Naturalin Employees Participate in Expert Sharing Sessions)

* Strategic Cooperation with Hunan University
Naturalin Employees Participated in EDP Practical Course at Hunan University. We offer working and management training for employees.
(Naturalin Employees Participated in EDP Practical Course at Hunan University)

* Safety Knowledge Training
Safety and fire protection seminars are held once half a year. Naturalin is people-oriented. Emphasize to the life safety of employees.
(Naturalin Safety Knowledge Training)

Talent Training Plan
Naturalin offers a number of internship positions to university students every year through a campus-recruiting program, and also creates job opportunities for the society by talent recruitment. Employees are Naturalin greatest asset. We will pay more attention to the growth of our employees, and continue to promote talent training plan. Designed to serve customers better.

Label: Naturalin Co-growth of The Enterprise and Employees