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All about Naturalin

What does Naturalin mean?

Naturalin means Natural Ingredients.
We are in Natural Ingredients business scope.especially in Plant Extract business.
We are plant extracts manufacturer and its application solutions innovator.
Naturalin also means Integrity, Natural, Reliable and Innovative.

Where Naturalin located in?

Naturalin was founded in the year of 2005 located in Changsha city, China.
Hongkong—Changsha. By Air 2 hours
Shanghai—Changsha. By Air 1.5 hours
Beijing—Changsha. By Air 2 hours.
Naturalin headquarter is located at Lu-Village Enterprise Square, Changsha city, the capital of Hunan province of China, with Administration center, Lab center, warehouse center, logistical center and Pilot plant.

What is Naturalin culture value?

We believe Integrity and Commitment are the footing stones for the success, Passion and Innovation are key points, focus on team-based, our purpose is to understand and fulfill the requests of our customers as a value added plant extracts provider.
We aim to produce exquisite plant extracts, making contributions to the modernization and internalization of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and the causes of human health. Thus, here are Naturalin culture value pyramid.

Can we meet with Naturalin in shows?

Yes. Naturalin value the chances we could meet our clients in shows, we believe there are absolutely nice chances to communicate face to face.
Normally, we attend Vitafood Swiss land, Supplyside West Los Vegas, CPHI Shanghai, FI Germany etc as an exhibitor every year.
Welcome to visit our booth and communicate face to face.
For more details, please feel free to check our website information or contact us.

Why order with Naturalin?

1.Naturalin is a plant extract manufacturer, innovator and its application solutions provider for global market. Help your products innovation with natural plant extract ingredients, bring your products and process into the future.
2.Naturalin established in 2005, involved plant extracts since 1998. Developed and produced more than 300 kinds of plant extracts, 100 kinds of them are standardized extracts with more than 1000 Tons plant extract annual production capability.
3.Naturalin is a main member of Drafting Committee of Exporting Standards of Botanical Extracts in China, member of China Chamber of Commerce of Medicines & Health Products Importers & Exporters (CCCMHPIE), one of the founders of Hunan Botanical Extracts Association (HBEA).
4.Quality management system:
   ISO/HACCP/Kosher/Halal certified.
   Strict QA & QC system during the whole production and storage process.
   Naturalin guarantee there is not any other additives.
   Strict Extraction Ratio ensures the concentrate ratio and its function by TLC test and it’s Finger Print. Naturalin standard keeps the original plant flavor and water solubility if needed.
5. Value added service:
   Concept Development
   Formulation Assistance
   Technology support/co-development of products
   Clinical trial study support/documents preparation
   Marketing support (information sharing, co-marketing)
   Contract-Manufacturing (Formulating, blending, granulating)
   One stop service
6. Skilled customers service team.

What does Naturalin Foundation support?

The Naturalin Foundation was created in 2009, supports humanitarian aid, culture, education, health, volunteers’ organization and environment protection, etc. If you think your projects is in the areas of above, or to make a donation to the Naturalin Foundation, please also contact us at . We will contact you ASAP.
Naturalin is the sponsor of Hunan Agricultural University Plant Resources Engineering Scholarship Fund from the year of 2010.
Naturalin is the member of Hunan Environment Protection Association from the year of 2011.
Naturalin organize and encourage all staff to be volunteers at least 3 days per year from the year of 2012.

All about Sales

What is Naturalin US FDA register number?

Naturalin US FDA register No.:15723629014.

How can I place orders if I'm not familiar with international imports?

Naturalin has skillful logistic team for international shipment operations. We could supply FOB、CIF、door to door service (DDU/DDP terms) for your orders to some countries,it depends.

I'm an individual not a company. Can I order with Naturalin?

Sorry we are in B2B. Currently Naturalin only supply bulk raw materials to manufacturers and qualified distributors, not to individual.

What is MOQ (Minimum order quantity) order with Naturalin?

Shipping by Air: MOQ is 45kg per shipment.
Shipping by Sea: MOQ is 25kg per shipment.
(It depends on what products also, please contact us for details).

How can I pay for my orders to Naturalin?

We accept payment by T/T (bank wire), L/C. You could also use Western Union or PayPal for small amount payment.

What is the payment beneficiary when we pay to Naturalin?

When order with Naturalin, the payment beneficiary must be Naturalin Bio-Resources Co., Ltd. Any other is not acceptable.

Could clients get credit from Naturalin?

Naturalin welcome repeat clients with good payment record to apply for credit.
 Please contact us for a credit application form.

Could Naturalin provide us formula design assistance?

Yes, we do. Naturalin not only supply Botanic/Plant extracts, but also we provide formula design services, contract manufacturing and Natural ingredients applications solutions.

How can we get free samples for lab test from Naturalin?

Naturalin is very glad to provide clients with 5g-20g free samples for lab testing, along with the original COA from Naturalin Lab. Please contact us for your any concerns.

All about Quality Control System

What is the Naturalin products quality control system?

According to the ISO management system, every batch goods must be tested during the produce process and before delivery by Naturalin QC team to be sure of the product potency, purity and other required data. Moreover, during the whole process, Naturalin QA team monitor strictly in terms of production technology and process with specifical records.

Any other products quality management system certifications for Naturalin?

Naturalin products certificated by ISO, Kosher, HACCP, IFANCA Halal, MUI Halal, Ecocert.

What QC equipments do Naturalin lab has?

Naturalin lab is around 500 square meter, with HPLC, UV, GS, Microbiological detection equipments etc, 9 full-time QC analyst staff working here.
Moreover, Naturalin lab has equipments to ensure us to do the experiments according to our customer’s requirements, trying to give them application solutions, such as plant extracts application innovation in washing-liquid, shampoo and soap etc.

What third party inspection do Naturalin work with?

Naturalin QC team also work with the third party inspection, such as SGS, China Inspection Bureau, China National Plant Resource Function Engineering Center, etc.

All about Logistic

How about the transportation? What are your usual shipping ports?

International Courier services and Freight Forwarding Services both are available.
By Sea Shipment: Tianjin, Shenzhen;
By Air shipment: Changsha, Beijing, and Shenzhen.

How long is the delivery time?

Shipping time by vessel: 2 to 4 weeks according to different destination ports.
 Shipping time by air: 2 to 6 working days.

How is the packing?

Sample packing: Double plastic bags inside, aluminum foil bag outside,
Bulk packing one: double plastic bags inside, paper drums outside, 20kgs-25kg/drum.
Bulk packing two: 1kg-5kgs plastic bags inside with aluminum foil bag outside, packing in paper drums, 20kgs-25kgs/drum.

All about Plant Extracts

We can’t find the product we want in Naturalin product lists, what should I do?

Naturalin is in plant extracts business scope. We could produce all the powder extracts which be extracted from plants if we could find the plant raw materials.
Naturalin production and R&D team also could customize the specifications which the clients want according to the details requirements. Please feel free to contact us.

Does Naturalin supply instant powder?

Yes, we do. Naturalin supply instant tea/fruit/vegetable powder: instant green tea/dark tea/Oolong tea/white tea/apple/orange powder etc. For more instant powder, please kindly contact us.

What is the effect for plant extracts, especially compared with chemical drugs?

Plant extracts are natural extracted from plants, they work. But, we could not simply to compare the effect between plant extracts and chemical drugs, because the mechanism of action is not the same. Although plant extracts also have some typical functions, plant extracts normally be used as supplements, it is could not be substituted for chemical drugs. Majority plant extracts is with no side effect.

Does plant extract have residual solvent?

It depends. We mainly use water and edible alcohol as solvent, most of plant extracts are with no other solvent residual.

Heavy metal <10PPM or <1PPB,what does PPM,PPB mean?

PPM mean:Parts per Million,PPB mean:Parts per Billion.
For any other Questions, please feel free to contact us at
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does PPM,PPB mean?

PPM mean:Parts per Million,PPB mean:Parts per Billion.
For any other Questions, please feel free to contact us at