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Naturalin Vision: 
Natural Ingredients, Health life. 

Naturalin Mission:
We aim to Natural Ingredients R&D, supply safe and high qulity products, making contribution to human Healthy Life.

Naturalin Key Values:
Customer Oriented. We believe that our success comes from understanding and fulfilling the requests of customers.
Team-Based. We are a successful team, would like to face difficulties and challenges by pooling the wisdom and efforts for everyone.
Passion. We love our job, have a very strong intense emotion compelling feeling, enthusiasm or desire for the contribution to human health.
Innovation. We believe innovation is the development of new customer’s value through solutions with more effective products, processes, services, technologies or ideas.
Integrity. We are also a responsible team believing that integrity is the foundation of business success.
Commitment. We value our pledge and undertaking, do the right things and do things right.

Naturalin foundation social development in communities.Nature constitutes the basis of our lives.Naturalin foundation is the sponsor of Hunan Agricultural University Plant Resources Engineering Scholarship Fund (HAUPESF) and some projects on the environmental protection.

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