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Naturalin focus on natural ingredients manufacturing technology innovation and its application markets as well, we manufactures unique natural ingredients for your final products in Powder, Liquid and Oil forms, helping your products innovation with Natural Ingredients and its application solutions, to satisfy the markets.
1. Find out creative and innovative plant extracts for our customers.
2. Find out safe and effective plant extracts for our customers.
3. Supply effective formula with plant extracts for our customers.
4. Supply upgraded standard plant extracts for our customers.

Naturalin Customized ingredients:
Granular service & Traditional chinese formula service.
Contract Manufacturing
Do not find what you are looking for? Please check the plant database and contact our sales service team, let us know what your needs on extracts and ingredients. Our strong R&D and Manufacturing team would like to work with you, satisfy your needs.

Tailored Ingredients Design Assistance 
Backed by its flexible facilities and a variety of advanced analytical instrumentations, skilled Naturalin Production Design Team designs exquisite tailored ingredients to suit your applications, enable you to achieve higher level profitability.
Natural Ingredient Applications Innovation 
Incorporated the TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) theory and modern western health concepts, experienced Naturalin R&D team is able to support you at steps from project to manufacturing, with literature study, lab, pilot trials, industrialization and manufacturing, help your final products innovation.
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